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Project created by Unknown
Project has been taken over by Jay Manley (Xtreme) for version 2+

CacheToServer converts caches into servers, meaning any server you've played can be converted into a server.dat

Currently it converts:
  • maps (cache1.dat),
  • monsters (mcache.dat),
  • objects (ocache.dat),
  • NPCs (ncache.dat)
  • magic (magcache.dat)

    How To Use

  • Place the cache you wish to convert into the "cachetoserver" folder
  • Place a server.dat into the "cachetoserver" folder (an empty one is provided in latest version)
  • Run cachetoserver.exe
  • Your cache is now inserted into server.dat. If you run a server with this server.dat it will have the same maps, monsters, objects, NPCs and magic.

  • Not all of the data will be there, not everything is stored in the cache (such as scripts)
  • This may not work on some older caches
  • There is currently no known fix for the Runtime 429 Error.