Odyssey Classic - Open Source Engines & Servers

Want to create and customize your own game? This is the place to look. We have compiled a list of all the various open source engines, servers, and useable binaries in which you can use to create your own server. Have a custom engine? Why not share and help build the community even further?

Our official source code is now on Github. If you are an experienced Odyssey coder, please feel free to check it out and help us improve the code.

If you need a copy of Visual Basic 6, here it is

Release Version Description Client Server Project Page
Remote's Classic A201 a blank copy of Remote's Classic engine. Edit the source or start up the pre-compiled binary. Sandbox is pre-configured Classic server with maps & scripts included. [src] [bin] [src] [bin] [sandbox] Remote's Classic
Original Classic A6 August 1999 version of Bugaboo's Odyssey Classic engine [src] [bin] [src] [bin] Original Classic
Seyerdin v59 Seyerdin in all of it's glory! [bin] [bin] Seyerdin
Unknown's Version A206 Source and pre-compiled binary of the server included with Unknown's Registry in 2013 [src] [bin] [src] [bin] Unknown's Registry
BaD's Version A113 Source and pre-compiled binary of BaD's Hybrid Games server [src] [bin] [src] [bin] Hybrid Games Odyssey
Modus Modus v1.00 Source and pre-compiled binary of the original Modus engine [src][bin] [src][bin] Modus Engine
Odyssey Reborn A115 Source and pre-compiled binary of the Odyssey Reborn engine [installer][src] [bin] [src] [bin] Odyssey Reborn
Dead Kitty Registry v12.1.1R1-2006-04-04 This one isn't technically open source, but all the files necessary to launch a server and connect to it via IP with the client are included [bin] [bin] Dead Kitty Registry