Project Status:

Created by: Senatious

Timespan: 2006 - 2009

Description: Midvale was an Odyssey Server that was very popular during its time. Once called the official PK server for Remote's Odyssey Classic, a disagreement between Remote (owner of the Odyssey Classic engine) and Senatious (owner of Midvale) caused them to stray off on their own.

The Odyssey: Midvale is a free online RPG. It is a branch off of The Odyssey Classic, focusing primarily on the popular Midvale server.
The game features five unique classes, nearly a hundred monsters, a detailed and evergrowing world, countless items and powerful artifacts. It focuses heavily on player versus player combat, awarding those who challenge and defeat others in combat, or by capturing locations like the Southern Fort, which provides bonuses to its owner.
The world that Midvale takes place in is a world besieged by war. From the east, the powerful and relentless Golgothan armies move in, in an attempt to crush the small town of Midvale. Warriors must stand up and fend off the brutal Golgothans, lest all be lost. The world is richly detailed, featuring plenty of information on the history of Midvale, and the events of the outside world.

How to Play: This was originally played on Remote's Classic, and then later on the Midvale client. Unfortunately, it is stated on a Seyerdin forum post that Midvale will never be revived.