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Project created by Steverino from 2002 - 2007

Steverino stopped working on the project in mid 2005, then released a couple bugfixes later in August of 2006. After Steverino was finished developing, the Registry was passed onto Optima, and then Pengwy. Eventually, it went down in 2007

It had its own separate community, and many different servers were created and disappeared, since the source code was not freely available at the time and this was the only way for the average player to create a server.

Known Servers

  • Undercurrent of Darkness
  • Tijer's Christmas Server
  • QBcrusher's South Park Server
  • Marco's PK Island
  • Kill Meh (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • PK & Adventure
  • Parsec

    If you have information about any of these servers (screenshots, descriptions, videos, caches, etc) please feel free to submit them so we can add them to our archives.

    How To Play

    Servers on this registry were played on the Dead Kitty client