Notable People Involved in the History of Odyssey

Real Name
Starting Date/Project Origins
Country of Origin
Contact Info
Justin E Schumacher Bugaboo Creator of the Original Odyssey Classic. Creator of Odyssey Pre-Alpha. Creator of Odyssey Alpha. Created Pre-Alpha in 1997 US
QBcrusher Player. Creator of the South Park Server on Dead Kitty Registry. Creator of the Odyssey Online Classic History Book website. Creator of Odyssey Realms Registry. Creator of Ethia Server. Creator of the Odyssey Realms - Classic Server. 2005 on Dead Kitty Registry US
Jay Manley Xtreme, Carrera, Jay Player. Creator of Modus Engine. Creator of Nevaria Server. Programmer of Sern Server. Creator of New Eden Engine. Creator of Map2File Tool. Creator of CachetoServer Tool v2. Creator of Jay's Registry. Assisted Programming for Ryvius PK. Assistant Programming for Odyssey Realms Registry. UK
Steve Harris Steverino Player. Creator of Dead Kitty Registry. 1998 on Original Odyssey Classic US
James Chambers BattleBob, Remote Player, Creator of Remote's Classic. Creator of MapEditor. US
Clay Rance Smithy Player, Creator of Smithy's Odyssey. Creator of Midvale PK. Creator of Seyerdin. Original Lighting and Weather Effects on Remote's Classic. Deceased
Patrick Bukowski Borfshwitz Created Hero's Quest on Remote's Classic. Created Three Wishes Quest on Remote's Classic.
Eric Robinson Senatious Created Midvale PK. Created Seyerdin. God on Remote's Classic.
Sonny Marrs Seraphic, Sonny Player. Created Revelations Server. UK
Valiant, King Phillip Received Original Classic source code from Ketsu and leaked it resulting in Mirage and Playerworlds engines.
Ketsu Received Original Classic source code from Bugaboo in 2002.
James Michael Ryan The 4on, Samurai Player. Modus developer. Creator of Hysteria. US
Christopher Lowenthal BaD Player. Creator of Destiny Server. Creator of Renaissance Server. Creator of HybridGames Odyssey source. US
Fankadore Player. God on Remote's Server. Creator of Party Script. Creator of Remote's Classic Events.
Greg Dorando Archbane Character and Monster Graphics for Original Classic.
Matthew T. Beutel Assistant Programmer for Original Classic.
Judy Shmidt Gecky Art for Remote's Classic
Vivi Art for Remote's Classic
James Siene DarkOne, Jim Player. Programmer of Eventide Sun. Programming Assistance on Modus Engine. Host of Dead Kitty Registry. Source Programmer of Dead Kitty Registry US
Marco Pelloni Captain Marco Player. Programmer of Eventide Sun US
Jeremy McDermott Slasher Player. God on Remote's Classic. Creator of Odyssey Reborn. US
Jesse Gottschalk Pure Player. Created Pure's Server on Dead Kitty Registry. Created Pure's Server on Eventide Sun. God on Odyssey Reborn. US
Rich Conner TheZeus Player. God on Remote's Classic. Creator of Crendale Server. US
Matt Dauler Chuck, Alpha Player. Owner of The Odyssey: Modus Server. Creator of Ryvius PK. Creator of OdyApp. Creator of Chuck's Tileset. US
Anthony Ingalls rhYno Player. Creator of Ryvius PK. US
Mark Dimaano Optima, Aegis Player. Ran Dead Kitty Registry after Steverino quit. Creator of PK & Adventure Server. Creator of Realm of Sierra. Creator of Master Server List. Creator of OdysseyRPG website. US
Raymond Cox Unknown Player. Creator of Unknown's Registry. Creator of CacheToServer tool. US
Zach Ross Tha One Player. Owner/developer of the Sern server. US
Fishies Player. 2004 on Dead Kitty Registry. US
Brandon Rash Comfy, Neverboard10 Player. 2004 on Dead Kitty Registry. US
Nathan Page Kronik Player. US