Odyssey Classic - God Commands

These are the god commands that work on most Odyssey distributions. You must be given god permissions to use them

/god editmap open the map editor /god editmap
/god warp warp to a map /god warp [mapID]
/god nextmap warp to next map /god nextmap
/god prevmap warp to previous map /god prevmap
/god warpme warp to a player /god warp [player]
/god wartopme warp a player to you /god warptome [player]
/god savewarp save your location as a warp /god savewarp [warpname]
/god warploc warp to a saved warp /god warploc [warpname]
/god editscript open the script editor /god editscript [script]
/god editobject open the object list /god editobject
/god editmonster open the monster list /god editmonster
/god editmagic open the magic list /god editmagic
/god editnpc open the NPC list /god editnpc
/god edithall open the guild hall list /god edithall
/god editprefix open the item prefix list /god editprefix
/god editsuffix open the item suffix list /god editsuffix
/god chat chat with only other gods /god chat [message]
/god global send out a server message /god global [message]
/god boot instantly boots a player from the server /god boot [player] (reason)
/god ban instantly bans a player from the server /god ban [player] [# of days] (reason)
/god bans view current bans /god bans
/god scan
scan a players inventory and bank /god scan [player]
/god motd
change the message of the day /god motd [message]
/god resetmap
reset all objects and monsters on a map /god resetmap
/god setmyname
change your own name /god setmyname [newname]
/god setname
change another players name /god setname [player] [newname]
/god setmystatus
change your status /god setstatus [statusID]
/god setstatus
change another players status /god setstatus [player] [statusID]
/god setmysprite
change your sprite /god setmysprite [spriteID]
/god setsprite
change another players sprite /god setsprite [player] [spriteID]
/god setmyclass
change your class /god setmyclass [classID]
/god setclass
change another players class /god setclass [player] [classID]
/god disband
instantly disbands a guild /god disband [guild name]
/god delete
instantly deletes a guild /god delete [guild name]
/god remove
instantly removes a guild /god remove [guild name]

/god float

/god floatme

/god setguildsprite