- Server launched Jan 6th, 2017 using the database from Codemallet Classic

- Changed Abyss to PK Area
- Reverted map 30 (Darkcone Forest) back to older version (removed path to fort)
- Removed bridge outside garden
- Removed bridge at Dragonian River Valley
- Upgraded server connection to 5mb/s upload speed to help fix lag issues

- Changed Kite Shield to +5 def (was +6) and changed sell value to 840 gold (was 8400)
- Babylonian Ring required to enter Babylon again
- Reverted map 128 (Dragontooth Woods) back to an older version

- Added Online Points
- Added /unfreeze script

- Changed Summit Town to PK Zone

- Changed Crendale to Friendly Zone
- Removed random rewards from fishing/mining/luberjacking

- Working on adding static text on maps to label quests, and adding quest completion broadcast messages
- Changed wall attrib behind the tower on map 95 to a directional wall

- Changed Lost City and Crags to PK Zone
- Removed Bank/Repair from Babylon Castle

- Removed speedhack message
- moved "must be guilded to attack" message to infotext area
- moved "cannot fight in friendly area" message to infotext
- removed email message
- changed training slimes to 2550 xp each to make tutorial quicker

- changed northern babylon woods to pk zone
- removed Kings Boots from Uber Present

- changed all quests to PK zones
- incog no longer removes pk status
- started implementing XP lamps instead of awarding XP after quests
- tutorial kicks you out at level 2
- changing low tier EQ level requirements. Well and Blooding Blade have none, Garden EQ level 5, Norax EQ level 10 and HH EQ changed from 10 to 15
- Changed max level for abyss XP from 70 to 60
- max level for tombs XP is 70

- Abyss quest now spawns you in crendale to prevent quest spam
- there is now a 1% chance that you are warped to an event when you kill a training dummy, to prevent AFK leveling and macros
- rusty sword is now +1 (was +8)
- violet slime is now 1hp and gives 50xp

Feb 2017
- removed bronze plate drop from medusa
- shows level when you click someone
- shows loyalty points when you click someone
- valentines day event
- if you have 10k xp and bow to king in dragonia he removes PK status
- added guards to dragonia castle

- Item and Monster Changes
- Introduced Boulders for bad players
- Added Quest Point system and quest leaderboard
- Added rewards for exploring areas of the world


- Hammer of Ubel Quest Released!
- Crendale Pendant spawned!
- Stronger Bot Prevention, you lose a skill level if you die in macro room

11-2018 - Fixed script tile that allowed players to quickstrike to bypass shard removal in Glacial Quest - Added NM tiles on doors in Glacial entrance map (Map 1361) 12-2018 - All towns now white status - CHD portal in all towns and Crystal Lake. Guilded player must be full HP/E/M to enter. - Guilded players must be full HP/E/M to enter houses in the main world - Added crafting items for Hammer of Ubel (Molten Metal), Frost Reaver (Frost Shard) and Hammer of Frost (Frost Essence). - Added back door to Crendale bank as a loyalty reward - Northcoast Medallion spawned - Added guards to towns. - Added portal and ticket to Shadecall - Frost Essence and Shard require Gemstones to craft, which can be crafted. - Hammer of Ubel changed to +35 - Special gem sell price increased, now sell for 25x more than regular gem - Regal Bandit special drop changed from 1/30 to 1/100