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- Dunadan tricked Epimethius into giving him the private server.exe, and then Dunadan eventually handed it to Steverino

- Someone makes OdyRouter, a static registry. Everyone used dynip.com, which gave a free trial. At the time the main registry was closed, so for a month there was a ton of private servers. Then, everyone's dynip expired and every server went down except for a server run by Prizm (???)

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Version 1.1.0 (10/11/98)
  • First public release

    Version 1.2.0 (10/12/98)
  • Added the ability for gods to reset crowded maps
  • Added a map option that makes monster un-attackable -- used for areas where friendly monsters roam
  • When killing monsters/players you are now told how much EXP you gain
  • Added a scroll-back buffer on the chat -- press PGUP / PGDOWN to scroll
  • Fixed a few screw ups in the scorpion and bushido sprites

    Version 1.3.0 (10/13/98)
  • When you click on an item in your inventory it is now highlighted
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a player from raising any stats once his/her strength was maxed
  • Fixed a bug that caused objects to stop spawning on maps
  • When you die, you now are re-born in one of two places (will be expanded to more later)
  • Added booting and banning of players
  • Fixed 'sliding' bug

    Version 1.4.0 (10/15/98)
  • Added a guild management system. Players may create guilds, manage their members, etc, for a daily fee of gold. Only players in guilds can fight each other.
  • Fixed a bug relating to object spawning on maps
  • Fixed a bug that may have caused wierd results when dealing with large sums of money
  • Added touch plates -- stepping somewhere on a map can open a door somewhere else on the map

    Version 1.5.0 (10/17/98)
  • Guilds that own a hall now start in their hall when they die
  • If a player quits the game while standing in a guild hall or at the end of a quest, they will not be in the same place when they rejoin the game
  • Guild halls now have different prices -- larger halls obviously costing more
  • Typing /guild hallinfo in a guild hall now gives you information about that hall
  • Typing /guild balance now tells you how much gold your guild has in the bank
  • It now tells which hall a guild owns on the guild information screen
  • Fixed several bugs relating to guilds

    Version 1.6.0 (10/18/98)
  • Added NPCs
  • Only letters, numbers, and spaces are now allowed in player names
  • When killing a player, you now gain only the EXP that they loose
  • PKers are now displayed with a name that flashes between their regular name color and dark red
  • Fixed a bug relating to banning

    Version 1.7.0 (10/18/98)
  • Added Banks -- Type /deposit , /withdraw , or /balance when in a bank
  • /buy, /sell, and /trade now all do the same thing, to lower confusion around the previous /buy command
  • You cannot use a name now that is already being used by an NPC
  • Added monsters that only come out during the day or during the night
  • Shields, Weapons, Armor, and Helmet's purchased from NPCs will now last 3 times as long as those found on map or from monsters

    Version 1.8.0 (10/19/98)
  • Fixed a bug that stopped NPCs from greeting you when joining a map that was not already cached
  • Added macros -- type /macros to edit them, use the F keys to execute them
  • Added the /ignore command
  • The game may now be played in full screen *or* windowed mode when running in a resolution greater than 640x480
  • Keep zones in guild halls now save when the server goes down
  • Added a few new object pictures
  • Changed mus4.mid -- the old version didn't sound good on certain sound cards

    Version 1.8.5 (10/23/98)
  • Added a basic swear filter
  • Made starting new guilds a little more idiot proof
  • Added friendly monsters that don't attack *anyone*
  • Fixed a bug that made your HP Bar not update after using a health potion
  • Added an option that allows you to hide all broadcasts
  • Fixed a bug which let players hit other players from far away, and sometimes kill a player multiple times, when lagged
  • Fixed a bug regarding guild disbanding
  • NPCs should talk a little more often now
  • Fixed a bug which made the IRC bot ignore users who changed names

    Version 1.8.8 (10/27/98)
  • Added several new sprites, objects, and map tiles
  • Fixed a bug that caused guild members to be spammed w/ 'player has joined the game' messages when first entering the game
  • Fixed a bug that caused guild members to not be able to see other players when first entering the game
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to sometimes have '0 rubies' in their inventory
  • Fixed a bug that caused doors to stay open if a god reset a map while doors on that map were open
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to hang at 'Sending Account Information ...'
  • Fixed a severe bug that caused account to occasionally become overwritten by another account

    Version 1.8.9 (10/28/98)
  • Beautified the interface a little
  • Added some cheat protection
  • You now have to be atleast level 5 to join a guild
  • Gods now appear with blue names above their heads
  • Gods are now immortal

    Version 1.9.0 (11/8/98)
  • Added a 'Founder' guild rank -- Only Founder's may disband a guild, kick another Founder, or lower another Founder's access
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible for one to kill himself
  • Fixed a bug in the minus buttons when dropping gold
  • Fixed a bug that allowed macros to be created of infinite length
  • Fixed a bug that caused stat points to not be cleared when creating a new character
  • Added tiles where players may walk but monsters may not

    Version 1.9.2 (11/9/98)
  • Extended ASCII characters are no longer allowed in macros or character descriptions
  • Leading/trailing spaces are no longer allowed in names
  • /Tell's are now displayed in bright green
  • /Emote's are now displayed in bright cyan, so they don't look like the dark cyan join and part messages
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to log in twice with the same account if different capitalization was used in the user name each time Version 1.9.8
  • New objects/monsters

    Version 1.9.10
  • New objects/monsters

    Version 1.9.11
  • New objects/monsters

    Version 1.9.12
  • Friendly maps now have a bright cyan title, and PK maps have a bright red title
  • New objects/monsters

    Version 1.9.15
  • The server list is now dynamic -- it will display any servers running.

    Version 1.9.19
  • Might* fix the 'bug spots' that make it so you can't attack players when they stand in certain spots.

    Version 1.9.20
  • Fixed the error message that happened when the server was full or your password was incorrect.
  • The client will now automatically retry to connect to the server every 15 seconds if the server is full.
  • Made the opening menu look a little

    Version 1.9.21
  • Handed the Odyssey Classic code over to Wolfgang. All future odyssey classic updates will be done by him.


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