- The v1 alpha of Eventide Sun was released. Originally, the world was a replica of Remote's Classic at the time with a few alterations, upgraded tiles, and better lighting/weather. This version did not stay up long, just long enough to gain interest from the playerbase and then the beta was closed for development.

- Eventually, the first Eventide Sun website was launched

- Towards the end of the year, the official v1 beta was released.


- Eventide Sun v1 eventually goes down for major redevelopment


- A new Eventide website is launched with a countdown for the Eventide Sun v2 client release. The v2 client also included a closed registry, where a few servers such as Alexandria and Requiem.

- Eventually, the v2 client & registry were taken down again for major development.


- Some time passed with no news, so we reached out for a response from the devs on their Facebook Page:


- The Eventide Sun website gets revamped, and a v3 beta is announced. The new client is written entitely in HTML5 which means it can be played in a modern browser.

- The beta was a success, and the game shut down once again for development